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I've always loved photography, especially SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHY. I stepped up my game as my auto-immune issues persisted. Photography keeps me sharp mentally and is a much-needed distraction. I'm not in it for the money, but I am in it for the passion. I have learned to share the gifts God has blessed you with, something that brings me great joy....That and a SMILE makes my day.

I am the unofficial action photographer of the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs. Through them I get the opportunity to shoot Phillies MLB sometimes, which is always a treat, especially when I see players who have made that dream come true. In addition to LV, Scranton Railriders, Reading Phillies, Somerset Patriots have all used my photos for various things and I appreciate the opportunities they've provided, not to mention sharing my work with the world.

Various blogs use my stuff, but I don't give them a hard time as long as I am at least credited.

Maybe one day I will do this for a living...who knows...but until then...

I have been shooting Canon since the 80's and (gulp) film.  I switched to digital of course and some of my gear now includes Canon Mirrorless Bodies R3, R
 Lenses RF28-70 F2, RF70-200 2.8L, RF100mm 2.8L
Canon DSLR Bodies 1DX III, 1DX 
Lenses EF200-400mm F4, EF400mm F2.8L II,
EF200mm F2, EF16-35L II

You can't always afford new, so my go to place to find things, new or used, is CPricewatch.com... KEH, B&H, Adorama, MPB, I've bought new & made some trades (although probably not in my favor--Reminds me of when I used to trade future hall of famers for Mets baseball cards with my friends back in the 70's...what the heck was I thinking?  We used others for our bicycle spokes...Damn I bet I used a Schmidt once!  But never a Kingman or Hernandez as I still own those.) 

And I confess to owning a SONY point n shoot when you can't take in the big stuff and besides that, they make some really GREAT Cameras!


This is me in St Louis, 2010...no baseball going on, just a convention.  PS...I got yelled at when I touched the grass

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